LVPEI Incubator's

Startup Challenge 2024

In collaboration with

1-2 March 2024

Inviting applications from eye care innovators

Inviting Eye care Innovators & Start-up at any stage domiciled anywhere in the world with Idea to advance from concept to commercial milestones or marketed or close to market innovations

AIOS eyeInvent Hackathon

Criteria: Ideas that need to advance from concept to commercial milestones

Benefits: Top 10 to be supported by AIOS to be part of LVPEI Startup Challenge

LVPEI Startup Challenge

Criteria: Start-up with marketed or close to market innovations

Benefits: Visibility to leading Clinicians , MNC & Indian Companies, VC Investors

Nature Of Innovations

(including wearables)

(Medical & Surgical)



Drugs & Therapeutics
(Regen Therapies)

Evaluation Criteria

Application will be evaluation based on

  • Innovation quotient
  • Social & clinical impact
  • Business plan

Shortlisted participants will be invited for a boot camp for an 1.5 day intensive learning for enhancing your business plans & commercialization strategies followed by revised pitches to the jury at the Finale event

Shortlisted applicants will be part of a boot camp covering clinical and commercial elements; and will pitch during the event file scheduled on 2 March 2024 in Hyderabad.

Applications now closed

AIOS eyeInvent Hackathon Shortlisted

Dr Swapnil Kothari

Dr Shivraj Tagare

Dr Rohan Bowby

Dr Namrata Kabra

Dr Shivam Gupta

Dr Subhadra Jalali

Dr Sushmita G Shah

Dr Ajay Dudani

Dr Meenakshi Mahesh

Dr Md Shahid Alam

LVPEI Startup Challenge Shortlisted

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