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Supported by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) under the BioNEST Scheme, the LVPEI incubator is a one-stop-partner for healthcare innovators to incubate their ideas. It provides an opportunity for ventures to embed themselves in LVPEI’s rich ecosystem of research and innovation and thus accelerate their journey to markets.

LVPEI is uniquely positioned as one of the few Indian hospitals with a very established focus on translational research and applied innovation. LVPEI’s comprehensive engagement spans across basic scientific research, clinical delivery and community outreach, biomedical engineering, product development and clinical validation. The Institute has been epicenter of development for several innovative clinical procedures, medical devices and implants and is advancing cutting edge science on discovery of novel biomarkers, drugs and regenerative therapies.

The incubator embodies LVPEI’s mission of delivering healthcare from “Bench to Bedside”. It will serve as a fertile home for healthcare innovators across the spectrum of medical devices, diagnostics, digital technologies and biopharmaceuticals. Within that overall continuum, the incubator also envisions being a national center of excellence for innovators focused on ophthalmology. The incubator will nurture a vibrant ecosystem for healthcare innovations where incubatees have access to comprehensive set of support services and mentorship required for enhancing probability of success. to take off and honing the research and entrepreneurial ecosystem, the incubator with a key focus on Medtech segment and additional a focus on ophthalmology, will assist innovators across the medtech product development including product design, prototyping and validation with access to its clinical and research team.

Why LVPEI Incubator

LVPEI’s ecosystem – The incubator, housed within the Institute will benefit from the convergence of world class clinical and research expertise within LVPEI, its strong history and culture of innovation, and its global connectivity. Infrastructure and expertise –

For medical devices and diagnostics, LVPEI’s Incubator is one of the only incubators in India currently that has not only has comprehensive infrastructure for design, prototyping and validation, but is also equipped with fabrication capability of industrial grade. LVPEI’s industrial grade fabrication capability includes CNC machines that can produce high precision and ultra high precision products. Thus, LVPEI can support high end prototyping, clinical trial lot production and also commercial batches for small volume products.The 360 degree capability also implies that LVPEI’s team can support innovators in building in scalability considerations in design and prototyping from the very beginning. Within the evolving area of regenerative medicine, LVPEI stands out as the only institution in India with cGMP grade cell handling facility. Finally, access to clinical perspective and world leading clinical KOLs is of substantial value to healthcare innovators. Clinical depth is complemented by the experienced product development and research teams that innovators can collaborate with.

Experience and regulatory insight – The team at LVPEI’s Center for Technology Innovation has experience designing, prototyping and developing multiple products in the past and can support innovators in evolving their product concepts into designs that are scalable and take cognizance of regulatory requirements.

LVPEI Incubator

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