Facilities and infrastructure at LVPEI Incubator

Institutional innovators, individuals and start-ups developing biomedical products struggle to access high end equipment such as CNC machines, high and ultra-high precision engineering equipment. The LVPEI Incubators’ state-of-the-art infrastructure with sophisticated high-end equipment provides access combined with ease of operations startups and innovators. The comprehensive technical infrastructure accelerates venture growth from ideation through milestones of prototyping, validation and commercial success.

Co-Working Space

Shared Infrastructure

Laboratory Facility

Prototyping Labs

LVPEI’s Incubation centre infrastructure includes basic equipment that can be self-operated by innovators with supervision and technical support from the LVPEI team and a comprehensive array of high end design, prototyping and testing equipment that can be accessed to a service model (operated by the trained and qualified LVPEI team). Key categories of infrastructure include:




Ultra High Precision


Other Specialised Infrastructure

3D Printers

  • Other infrastructure in the institution – Incubatees can on a need-basis selectively gain access to other research and technical infrastructure in the institution including cGMP manufacturing etc.
  • The Incubator stands out as one of the facilities in an Institution with cGMP grade cell handling facility in India. With access opportunity for incubates, LVPEI hopes to empower the next generation of regenerative medicine innovators in India.
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